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by Thu Pham 18 Nov 2023 0 Comments

This is the feeling that unisex perfume gives you: soft but not weak. Let ELLE envelop you in a symphony of genderless perfume notes.

People who enjoy smells are rapidly becoming more open, breaking down gender preconceptions in the fragrant world. People are no longer as rigid about separating scents for men and women. A lovely scent for folks who are full of vibrations and feelings. And the ten fragrances listed below can be regarded as appropriate, diverse, and psychological references, assisting you in removing male-female hesitations in the fragrant world.


Diptyque Tamdao

Tamdao, with a sandalwood theme, was created as a gift to a favorite place in Vietnam by the founder of the great Diptyque perfume house in Paris. Tam Dao's fresh, cold, and pure atmosphere is encapsulated in the perfume. Diptyque's Tamdao has a clear, tranquil, and pleasant woody aroma that is appropriate for all seasons.


Bvlgari Black

Not many people know about Bvlgari's secret fragrant creation called Black. In other words, Black is truly a hidden gem - hidden beauty in the fragrant world of Italian jewelry. With a leather-vanille theme, the scent creates a "burnt" gum effect with a smoky scent mixed with sweet wood that is both strange and captivating. Black evokes the beautiful, romantic moments of big cities being less busy at sunset, everything seems slow and quiet, only the scent of rubber-like smoke washes away all the urban pressures.


Le Labo Another13

Another13 began quietly, as a smell reserved for a well-known Paris shopping destination. Later, Le Labo offered this simple aroma to smell enthusiasts all over the world. Perhaps Le Labo was taken aback by the scent's surprising success. Santal33 and Rose31 were immediately overrun by another13. When consumers interact with their favorite books or magazines, the perfume describes the smell of new pages, creating lovely and immaculate memories.


Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarine

Jo Malone is often loved by women. However, with the fragrant creation Lime Basil & Mandarine, men can also become friends with this British perfume house. The theme is citrus combined with herbs, the scent is cool and positive, enough to effectively cool off hot summer days. Another plus point of Lime Basil & Mandarine is that it has a very good sticking ability, compared to other Jo Malone scents.


Tom Ford Black Orchid

At first, Black Orchid was worn by Tom Ford for women. However, male customers according to Tom Ford's standards are often more meticulous about grooming than women. And naturally, Black Orchid is passionately favored by men. The theme of Floriental includes two main scent notes: orchids mixed with chocolate. The scent is strong, deep, confident, proactive, seductive, not hiding any instincts or emotions.


Frederic Malle Carnal Flower

Similar to Black Orchid, Carnal Flower was once favored by Frederic Malle as a gift for women. Faced with the haunting appeal of Carnal Flower, men become braver, remove shyness and prejudice, and confidently perfume their skin with the beautiful note of lily of the valley in Carnal Flower. The scent is a combination of the pure and flawless beauty of the main note of lily of the valley, combined with young coconut and jasmine, worthy of being the most popular contemporary scent with a white flower focus.


Lush Dirty

Dirty has a simple scent structure, easy to understand, yet distinct and memorable. With only a mint note, Dirty evokes a close, moist earthy scent effect, gradually becoming dry, as the moisture of the soil rises, exuding a cold, energetic and refreshing scent. Dirty is simple, positive, and at the same time personable and easy to sympathize with. The scent shines in every setting: indoors, on the street, in the office, in the cinema. You can also choose Dirty to increase excitement for physical activities.


Phaedon Tabac Rouge

Tobacco is always an inspirational scent note for both scent creators and perfume lovers. Phaedon's Tabac Rouge is a romantic, immense tobacco scent, evoking a quiet autumn feeling, very suitable for the fall-winter weather. Fragrant tobacco leaves embrace the scent of cinnamon, with a hint of honey, making Tabac Rouge close, warm, easy to get drunk, and easy to remember. Tabac Rouge's warm demeanor is not only ideal for chilly autumn-winter days, but also has an interesting harmony with the tropical summer.


nước hoa unisex thanh mát Byredo

True to its name, the perfume is dedicated to white, purity. The fragrance evokes airiness and simplicity in structure, but cleverly evokes thoughts of someone, an innocent girl with dreamy eyes, a pure smile holding flowers in her hands. The flowers are beautiful with rose petals, peonies, violets and orange blossoms, the sunlight penetrates, the fragrant crystals burst and touch the soft, supple skin. No one can resist that simple but sparkling beauty. However, not only is she a sweet beauty, she also radiates warmth and kindness. The scent of sandalwood and musk creates absolute charm.



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